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About Boxing Bear Brewing

At Boxing Bear Brewing Company, we truly believe in the word 'quality'. Quality time, quality friends, and of course, quality BEER.  Our vision started with 3 friends driven by their passion for beer and a dedication to all things related to it. By brewing with superior ingredients and time-tested techniques, and by offering a great spot to enjoy and learn about our beer - you'll discover what true quality means to us.

Craft Beer

Boxing Bear Brewing Company is located along the sandy banks of the Rio Grande River in northwest Albuquerque. Our mission is to grow the popularity of quality hand-crafted beer, and to help establish Albuquerque as a national destination for outstanding craft beer.  We strive for excellence through innovation, producing outstanding recipes using traditional brewing practices and top notch ingredients.

Boxing Bear Brewing Company is also producing and serving amazing locally made wines. Wine lovers can experience some wonderful local varietals as a menu option, which sets Boxing Bear apart from most traditional brew pubs.



Our Brewers

Justin Hamilton.

Justin Hamilton | Head Brewer

A home-grown New Mexican, Justin was born and raised on the west side of Albuquerque, just a few miles from Boxing Bear Brewing Co. Justin is an accomplished award-winning brewer, who honed his craft at various local breweries over the years. He became head brewer at Chama River Brewing Company in 2009. Justin has a passion for quality in beer, and he is a perfectionist when it comes to recipes, ingredients, and procedures.  He is committed to excellence in everything he does, which carries through all the way into your pint glass!


Dylan milling

Dylan Davis | Assistant Brewer

Also a home-grown New Mexican, Dylan was born and raised on the west side of Albuquerque. His love of craft beer began as a homebrewer, winning a gold medal with his very first brew. Since 2010 Dylan has been helping many New Mexico residents learn to brew at home, while working at Southwest Grape and Grain. Now he is brewing on a much larger professional scale, while learning from one of the best brewers in the southwest.


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Private tours are available by appointment. Contact us to schedule a tour for your group, party or company.

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